Abbas Al Lawati

Renewables Energy Engineer - PDO

Abbas Al Lawati has a MSc in Construction Projects Management from Liver John Moores University and Degree in Electrical Power Engineering from Sultan Qaboos University, with 9 years of experiences concentrated mainly around project delivery in areas of project management, contracts management, lean practitioner, and information management.

Abbas is a co-founder Improved Asset Register Integrity and Verification project, and was given an opportunity to lead the project which unlocked new ways of achieving Asset Integrity, an improved process yielding cost savings opportunities while performing verification. The project has also unlocked in country value (ICV) opportunities for local Omanis in areas of Asset Register and Verification processes. Abbas has worked a contract holder and category manager, managing set of tactical, operational contracts and strategic level category which are related to services and material delivery scopes. While practicing contract holder, Abbas has achieved cost savings due to applying category management practices.

Abbas is certified Lean Practitioner with set of skills in Lean Management, Continuous Improvement thinking, and has managed in delivering two lean projects as well as taking additional roles and responsibilities as a department lean focal point. Recently, Abbas has joined Renewables Energy Engineering team under Electrical Infrastructure Department taking responsibilities in conducting feasibility studies, contract holder roles for renewables energy related projects.

13:25 - 13:40

22 May 2023 Day One

Battery Storage Sizing Advantages and Challenges in Renewables Energy Systems: Systems Optimization Towards Reduced Cost of Energy